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Hey y’all, my name is Rachel and I lost my dad to multiple myeloma when I was only 10 years old. I wish that when my dad was diagnosed with this disease there would have been more options for management, treatment, or even a cure. I wish he could have seen me grow up with the qualities of persistence and integrity that he instilled in me. On October 10th, 2015, I will be riding my bike in the Tour de Femme in honor of him and to help those families that are still struggling with rare bone marrow cancer.  The Tour de Femme already raises money for the Livestrong Foundation in addition to Angels for Hope with REX Hospitals here in Raleigh, NC.  My hope is to raise a significant amount of money for all 3 of these organizations. The Tour de Femme is a bike tour only for women and the ride will be 32 miles long. I started training for this tour with my accountability partner Katie in June of 2015.


It has been a beneficial journey so far as this training process is keeping me fit as I prepare for this ride. I have to train earlier than most as I have physical challenges that make it more difficult for me to achieve this goal. I was born with the most common type of dwarfism called Achondroplasia which means that I have the same size torso as everyone else but my arms and legs are a lot shorter. Due to my dwarfism, I have a smaller bike that fits me which has smaller wheels. Since I have a smaller bike with smaller wheels, I have to pedal and exert twice as much work than an average sized person would need in order to cover the same distance. This process has helped me learn a lot about myself and I now have an activity that I love that helps me stay active. The Tour de Femme has helped me set several goals including keeping fit, fundraising, and teaching my students how to set goals as well.  As a Kindergarten teacher, I am so excited to share this journey with my students to show them that setting goals, partaking in activities to work towards these goals and then ultimately achieving these goals is something that is actually attainable! 

So in order to wrap up this summary about why I’m biking in the Tour de Femme, I’m doing this to raise money so hopefully that the International Myeloma Foundation will find a cure someday. I’m optimistic that one day no one will have to endure what my family went through. If you can, please donate as much or as little as you’d like, there is no donation too small. My family and all the other families out there dealing with this devastating disease truly appreciate any form of support possible.  All you have to do is click on the red ‘Donate’ button on this page.


Thank you for reading my story and if you would like to also participate in the Tour de Femme, please wear anything maroon colored on the day of the tour to show your support.  The details are:


October 10, 2015

9am until after lunch


Cycling Spoken Here, 1377 NW Maynard Road, Cary, NC 27513




Contact Rachel Smith    Phone:  919-724-2078    Email Address: rs76777@gmail.com


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